On a boring day in 2012, Eddie Gallardo flipped through the channels and landed on the CrossFit Games on ESPN and was instantly stunned by how crazy it was to watch guys climb a huge rope, sprint across a field, then push a sled.  “What kind of insanity is that nonsense?” he wondered to himself. Then his cousin who gave CrossFit a try began to goad, prod, guilt, and dare him into giving CrossFit a try . His cousin was sure that while Eddie thought he was “all that” as an athlete, that CrossFit would test him in ways he hadn’t been before.Eddie Gallardo California State Games 1st

Two things happened: Eddie discovered what it was like to have his butt kicked, and he liked it! “I never knew what it was like to have every part of my body screaming. I thought I could do anything, then discovered, my body (and I) had a lot to learn.”

CrossFit workouts are designed to scale for use by others at any skill level.  For those uninitiated to the world of CrossFit, it’s a highly addictive, full body workout replete with its own jargon and language.  Among CrossFit athletes, a conversation may seem kinky, but they take their role seriously as they discuss advancing abilities in tackling Ball Slams, Snatches, Jerks and Thrusters.

In only two-and-a-half years, Eddie has gone from being an enthusiast to a competing champion. Standing at 5’5”, Eddie has taken on a new personal challenge – placing a heavy emphasis on the Olympic lifts so that he can become an even fiercer CrossFit competitor. “I’ll never be able to throw the kinds of numbers guys taller than I am can, but my goal is to push myself to get close to those limits despite my size.”

For the past seven months he has focused mainly on improving his speed, technique and efficiency in the Olympic lifts, all while maintaining his physical endurance abilities with CrossFit – a dual challenge. He spends three hours a day, six days per week in the gym, pushing his body’s limits.

While endurance athletes can experience incredible leaps forward in capability covering longer distances, weightlifting takes a longer amount of time due to the limits of the central nervous system and time to strengthen bone tissue, ligaments and muscles. While endurance athletics has an enormous mental component, in lifting weights, the limits are physical, so it takes patience.

Eddie entered the California State Games, a multi-sport festival of Olympic style competitions. He took first place gold in his weight and age class, and had he been able to compete with the men in the next class up, he would have taken home the bronze medal.  “It was really rewarding to see that I took first place in my weight/age class, but that I am going to be a serious contender for those in the class above me.”  Ever humble, Eddie credits his abilities to his coaches, Russell McCarthy and Reid Worthington. “Those guys push me and keep me motivated to see how much more there is in me.”

We are proud and honored to have Eddie as one of our ambassadors. He represents what we want from the brand: to test one’s own limits, to explore new boundaries, and to inspire others, and to never, ever, give up.