How can I become an Island Boost Ambassador?

We are accepting applications for our 2015 roster of Ambassadors. Following is information about the program – we look forward to a great year and keeping our eyes open for who will join us in 2015!

Do you have what it takes to become an Island Boost Ambassador? We want representatives from various sports, representing different skill levels and ages. Our goal is encouraging athletes of any age to achieve success and excel in their sports by using Island Boost. Ambassadors will be chosen from a review panel of industry experts and are not chosen by the company founder.

Island Boost Ambassador Goals:

  • Educate fellow athletes about the problems solved using Island Boost and its features and benefits
  • Inspire others through regular blog posts and use of social media
  • Encourage athletes to support local retailers and purchase Island Boost at REI, Sport Chalet, The Triathlete Store and others
  • Encourage athletes to request their local retailers to carry Island Boost

Endurance Events
As an Island Boost Ambassador, you are required to complete at least six (6) endurance events during the year in which the Ambassador enters the program. This can be any of the following and includes but is not limited to:

  • 10K and 15K Events
  • Half Marathons
  • Full Marathons
  • Ultra Marathons
  • CrossFit Competitions
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Triathlons
  • Iron Man
  • Cycling
  • Boxing / MMA / Kickboxing / Martial Arts competitions
  • Kayaking / Boating races
  • Backpacking / Mountain Climbing competitions
  • Surfing competitions

Ambassador Benefits:
Island Boost wants the Program to be as satisfying and rewarding as possible. We want to cheer you on and showcase your athletic achievements. It is hoped through mutual promotion of each other, that participating in the Island Boost Ambassadorship Program is something that is coveted and admired.

Each Island Boost Ambassador receives the following:

  • Recognition! We will highlight your races, achievements and endeavors via the Island Boost website and related social media pages.
  • More potential clients: if the Ambassador is a trainer, nutritionist, or physical therapist, being a part of this program will lead to a greater number of marketing opportunities and may lead to an increase in your personal client base. The professional background of each Ambassador will be featured in their biographies on the Island Boost website and related social media pages.
  • Receive 1.5 X the amount of packets on your personal purchases of Island Boost through our website, e.g. buy 20 receive 30 packets.
  • An Island Boost hat or visor and any other apparel we are able to provide
  • Awesomely fierce temporary Island Boost tattoos to wear at sporting events

Island Boost Ambassador Duties

  • Race and compete often! The more you’re out there, the more it shows how dedicated Island Boost Ambassadors are as athletes. It lets Island Boost promote you and cheer you on, and provides more opportunity to get the word out about Island Boost.
  • Blog regularly: People research products by reading reviews from bloggers and learning how other athletes use them. When blogging, tell about your experiences in using Island Boost. We want honest reviews. No candy coating. Island Boost Ambassadors should point out things that can be improved, or thoughts for future products or product improvements. Criticism is always welcome when it is constructive. Blog about when and how you use Island Boost, what races, events or distances you find it most helpful. Review Island Boost’s flavors and explain which you prefer and why. If you hold contests and give-aways, we may be willing, from time-to-time, to provide some product for your blog promotions.
  • Social Media: Island Boost Ambassadors must be active users of one or more social media channels: Facebook is a must, but there are others as well such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. By using social media, you will be promoting not only Island Boost, but putting yourself out front-and-center as an engaged and dedicated athlete.
  • Pictures: They’re worth a thousand words. You will need to provide pictures of yourself with the product – in race bibs at events, doing fun stuff like sporting the temporary tattoos, meeting with people, whatever. The more creative and fun the better and more memorable.
  • Race Calendar: Ambassadors will provide Island Boost with their race calendar so that we can upload each individual’s information to the website and Facebook to showcase all your activity.
  • Inspire others: Island Boost’s greatest joy has been inspiring others, whether it’s helping hardcore, elite pros set personal bests or getting the person who has never run before to lace up and kick asphalt. We’ve learned that even all athletes from beginners to seasoned pros, can experience discomfort using some of the popular sports nutrition products currently on the market. It is rewarding to help athletes with sensitive stomachs to perform better.
  • Encourage support of Island Boost retailers: Your influence will create demand for Island Boost, and we need to be good ushers guiding friends and athletes to support stores carrying Island Boost. Your influence should also help create demand in more stores so that they will be encouraged to carry the product.
  • Help at Events: Island Boost booths are present at a variety of health & fitness expos and major races. Occasionally, getting proper staffing can be a challenge. Island Boost will coordinate with you on your availability and desire to help out voluntarily at an event to provide samples and sell product.
  • One-year commitment: If you find that you love being a part of the Island Boost Ambassador Program, you may wish to renew your participation.

READY TO JOIN US?! Check back in the Fall when we begin taking applications for 2015. We’ll also announce via social media when we’re gearing up to get your application!

Why don't I "feel" anything, but I can keep going and going?

We don’t add any stimulants or additives to Island Boost. Many products have stimulants or other “energizers” that result in you “feeling” something, whether it’s a buzz or a jolt or a sugar high. Island Boost is pure fuel for your body, nothing else. Some of the most interesting feedback we get from ultra-elite and professional athletes is that they like how they don’t have a distracting “feeling” when using Island Boost, but have the power on tap to power through a work-out or competitive event.

And that’s the real magic. Stimulants may wake up your mind, but they don’t play a proper role as muscle fuel. Island Boost is formulated to give you the energy you need without interfering with how your body performs.

Why does Island Boost seem to have so much potassium?

In formulating Island Boost, we tested varying amounts of potassium and sodium and then put them to the test in strong workout scenarios among elite and ultra endurance athletes. What we test for is to ensure there’s no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea – no over-concentrations of carbs or electrolytes that can irritate.

Adult males and females need around 4,700 mg of potassium per day. Clocking in at 75 for the Passion Fruit flavor, it nowhere near comes close to getting toward a level that can irritate. By way of comparison, 3 florets of cauliflower have more potassium. A cup of Cocoa Puffs, a Pop Tart or an egg all have more potassium than Island Boost.

The reason we have more potassium than some other brands, is that we are of the camp that believes there is evidence that potassium plays a very large role in the electrochemical responses within the muscles. Sodium is vital too, but some research indicates potassium plays a larger role in preventing cramping in muscles.

One last thing – Island Boost is a liquid, not a solid or a thick gel. It’s a one-ounce liquid shot. What we found was that people generally don’t gulp down a whole gel pack – it’s too thick and sticky – that they nurse it along. The trouble with that is that the veins are not being flooded with necessary glucose and electrolytes to ensure consistent fuel in the bloodstream for performance and preventing muscle cramping. By making it an easy-to-consume liquid, you get fast energy while minimizing risk of muscle pain.

Why don't you add vitamins to Island Boost?

We are often asked why we don’t add vitamin to Island Boost. It’s a great question, and not one with an answer we can fit onto a small packet, but here goes:

  • Because our product uses natural ingredients for fuel, electrolytes and flavors, we must pasteurize it (so too must the makers of other endurance products) and when fragile vitamins are exposed to pasteurization heat, they degrade thereby reducing the viable amount that is in the product. Why pay for something you don’t get in the end?
  • We should focus on good nutrition throughout the continuum of our diet. Everything we eat these days is fortified with vitamins and frankly, we do not generally suffer from malnutrition in the United States. For the period of a couple hours of athletic exertion, it’s not necessary to be using vitamins for regular endeavors of four hours or less. Triathletes and Ultra athletes have different requirements that include ingesting carbs, fats and proteins.
  • Vitamins should never be taken on an empty stomach. All vitamins come with the disclaimer to take with food or suffer the likely consequences of nausea and vomiting. Since most athletes train and compete on an empty stomach, why add something that has the potential to make one barfy?
  • What quantity is the right amount to add? What dosage will not make an athlete of 113 pounds sick while still being “active” for an athlete that weighs 200 pounds? Throwing in vitamins to look impressive seems silly and a waste.

Who should use Island Boost?

Any athletic endeavor where you are pushing for more than 45 minutes, the time that blood glucose levels significantly drop and muscle cramping and exhaustion sets in, is an opportunity to refuel using Island Boost. Whether that effort is running, cycling, swimming, water polo, rowing, mountain climbing, aerobics, spinning, basketball, football, soccer or dancing, Island Boost is an all natural fuel that is absorbed into the body quickly.

I'm a cyclist - Is Island Boost for me?

Absolutely! Cyclists burn through a lot of energy and Island Boost is ideal in helping to help keep your muscles fueled.

Why don't you have a recovery protein product?

There are plenty of protein muscle building and recovery products that we really like. We are exploring types of proteins, how they behave, what the chemistry is to making them taste great even at room temperature. It’s in development, but we don’t have an ETA for that right now.

How should I use Island Boost?

It can be taken moments before you head out for a run, cycle or a swim. As you work through your warm-up, the carbs in Island Boost will have begun their assimilation into energy to help you maintain drive as you train to get better, stronger and faster. Of course everyone is different and males have much different caloric requirements than females, but a general rule would be one before you head out, and another for every 30-40 minutes of exercise.

What is the difference between glucose, fructose and maltodextrin?

The chemical formula for glucose is C6H12O6 and is the simplest of sugars the body uses for energy. Fructose is also written as C6H12O6, but has a different shape. It takes little effort for the mitochondria in your cells to rearrange the hydrogen molecules to glucose to keep you running strong. Both are monosaccharides quickly assimilated into useable energy.

Maltodextrin is a typically corn-based synthetic, polysaccharide carbohydrate written as C18H32O16. What you will notice is that it’s a super-charged sugar. Because it is a polysaccharide, this means the body has to digest and then work to metabolize it as energy as it tears apart the molecule into smaller molecules of glucose. Remember, it’s all about the glucose.  Maltodextrin is a form of high glycemic refined sugar, and allows manufacturers to get around from calling it sugar on a label. Depending upon the source of the maltodextrin, it may contain gluten, which can be a concern for people with Celiac disease. Because it is nearly flavorless and not very sweet, it makes for an easy way to boost calories in products, add bulk and acts as a thickening agent.

Can Island Boost be used by non-endurance athletes?

Island Boost does not contain any artificial caloric or non-caloric sweeteners. It is comprised of the simplest carbohydrates the body can use most efficiently: glucose and fructose. We love using it in recipes to add flavor and sweetness in recipes like smoothies, over yogurt, in tea and cocktails.

We have heard from customers that when they have been sick and vomiting and unable to keep foods down, that sipping Island Boost was an ideal way to gently sneak back calories and electrolytes.

Is Island Boost safe for children?

It sure is! There are no artificial sweeteners or honey, making it safe for those who are young and young at heart.  We’ve heard from users that Island Boost was given to their children when sick as an electrolyte supplement. If you have a little one who has been vomiting and having trouble keeping food and liquids, try giving Island Boost, one teaspoon every ten minutes.