The other day I was craving that Polynesian novelty cocktail created by and made famous by Trader Vic’s. The classic Mai Tai has layers of bright flavors and imagine my delight to learn Island Boost provides that exotic depth?
What you’ll need:
Hurricane/Mai Tai glass (optional, purely for setting the mood)
Crushed ice
1 ounce Island Boost
1 ounce dark rum
1 ounce light rum
Splash of Grand Marnier or orange liqueur
Juice of half a lime
Splash of grenadine
Pineapple juice

Method: Fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Pour Island Boost, lime juice, rums, orange liqueur and pineapple juice, in that order over ice. Lastly, drop a splash of grenadine over the top – it will streak as it falls to the bottom of the glass creating a sunrise glow affect. Drop in a long straw – and let us know what you think!



Photo by: James Palinsad