Kyle Kranz

I think I found my new favorite nutrition product!



Straight up fructose and glucose
Coconut water
Flavor from juices of strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry, passion fruit

No artificial flavors.


While I do not agree with the electrolyte model of exercise induced cramping, and do not supplement with electrolytes, I’m totally fine with consuming something that has natural occurring electrolytes. 99% of the electrolytes in IB come from the coconut water.

How I Use it

Three ways.
1) It can be taken as is, immediately prior to running.
2) It can be dumped into a bottle (i also add some mct oil) and drank before/during training
3) It can be taken during running, in its pouch

My Experiences

I’ve used IB a few times as of writing this review. Most recently was immediately before a 14 mile ez/moderate paced run, with no other nutrition or hydration during the workout.

The time before was a specific endurance workout, with 5 of the miles within 5% of goal half marathon pace.

My stomach and energy levels were excellent both times.

  • Pros
    • Fantastic. So good. If there would be any complaint with its taste, it would be that it’s a bit strong.
    • Non gmo, vegan, gluten free
    • They are not a gel, but a liquid. This is the #1 reason I became interested in IB, I don’t have to wash it down with a bunch of water! During races or key workouts, I do not like to tie my nutrition and hydration together, since I generally hydrate very little. Thus, IB is just what I have been looking for. 
    • While the packets are recyclable, not all facilities will be able to do that, especially smaller ones, I would imagine. So IB gives you a 25% off an order if you return 24 pouches to them!


I’ll often stick my top in behind the IB to prevent rubbing,
but I did 14.5mls comfortably with it there

  • Cons
    • Vs gels, these are a tad larger. Not much though. 
    • About twice the cost per serving of a GU
    • Nothing else is really coming to mind…availability at local stores maybe?
If you are interested in purchasing any Island Boost, you can do so at