World Light Welterweight Champion


How we learned about him

We are big fight fans. We first began watching the rise of this incredible fighter in 2010, when he fought Javier Jauregui; and have eagerly awaited each of his fights because they are always entertaining and full of power. It’s absolutely impossible to sit passively and watch a fight he’s in.

Why he inspires us

While being an incredible fighter, Ruslan is also an incredibly gracious, gentle, fun, sweet guy. He hails from Beryozovo, a far-flung icy part of Siberia, and is a member of a diminishing tribe of people, the Mansi. The Mansi are considered a national treasure in Russia as there are fewer than a couple hundred remaining. Life in Siberia is every bit as tough as perceived through stories and the news and the very bleakness of life in Siberia helped shape one of the toughest boxers we’ve seen. Ruslan is like many fighters who have literally punched their way out of poverty or a challenging life; but unlike those who leave their roots and never look back once they become celebrities, Ruslan embraces  where he’s from and the history of his Siberian people.

For as gracious, kind, and cordial as he is outside of the ring, inside the ring, Ruslan is a terrifying warrior. He is a true professional of the sport of boxing and he is unafraid to get hit, and charges his opponents with ceaseless energy. Watching him fight is nothing short of electrifying. He loves to box. No attitude, no prima donna-princess attitude. He doesn’t care whom he fights – it’s not about matching up fights with someone who’s made a name, or going after a particular title. Nope. He’s a professional who just loves the art of boxing. Many boxers are afraid to get into the ring with him, for good reason; and this always seems to mystify Ruslan who is clear, he is not an egomaniac, he just likes to box. A devout Christian, his motives are for the sport, he is always gracious to his opponents and holds them in his prayers that their bout will be entertaining, an exhibition of their true skills in the ring, and to ensure no serious harm comes to either warrior.

His fight against Timothy Bradley was voted 2013’s Fight of the Year.  Watch it, it’s right up there with the legendary fight between Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward.


Ruslan vs Bradley


We are eager to watch Ruslan’s upcoming fight against another gracious warrior, Chris Algerie on June 14.

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