If you’re into fighting the way we are, it’s hard to overlook the 14-Time World Champion of Muay Thai Kickboxing across five weight divisions, Julie Kitchen of Cornwall, England. What astounds us is her comfort in kicking rather than punching her opponent. Look out for her left leg, it’s darned deadly. Just look at how comfortable and balanced she is as she prepares to unleash that leg like a viper.  Imagine our delight when we got to meet up with her in Los Angeles as she prepared to fight American Miriam Nakamoto in a world title bout.

Why we’re inspired

Julie Kitchen is stunningly beautiful, tremendously tough, and incredibly strong; but she has battled shyness her whole life. She’s not comfortable among a crowd and isn’t eager to cozy up to new people. Fighting became an outlet for her to combat not only an opponent, but her own shyness. As she enters the arena, you see a woman whose confidence grows, and the moment she steps through the ropes, she’s transformed. No longer a shy, soft-spoken lady, she becomes a furious fighting machine. Fighting was not something she was born and raised with, in fact, Muay Thai became something she got into after she had her twin daughters.  It’s incredibly inspiring to learn she took what began as an interest into becoming a career and on to earn 14 world champion titles in the sport.


Ferocious left leg

Julie Kitchen and Manny Pacquiao

Julie Kitchen and Manny Pacquiao


Ready to fight


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