We met Manny at the OC Marathon Expo a couple years ago. We were immediately captivated by his sparkling personality and ENERGY. Through our conversation we learned that he’s a boxing coach, personal trainer and works with fighters. He invited us to come to Manny Pacquaio’s training camp where we got to meet the incredible people that need to be assembled to help train a most remarkable world champion.  But training and exercising is only part of what goes into keeping a champion focused. Manny Pacquiao is considered a national treasure in the Philippines and as such, it takes a tremendous entourage to move him from one place to another. The man is always surrounded by paparazzi. Another aspect of Manny Ferrer’s responsibilities is to ensure Pacquaio’s safe journey from home-to-gym-to-hotel-to-arena etc.

It is such an honor to work with Manny Ferrer. He is unstoppable. We thought we were tough, but this guy never sleeps. When he’s not training, he can be found in the corner of up-and-coming fighters helping them to launch their fighting careers.

What is probably the most inspiring is Manny’s generosity, his perpetual upbeat spirit, his sense of responsibility to do good and be good. Fighting is the professional world in which he works. Outside of the ring and the gym, he’s busy doing good things for his community and his family. We are darned glad that he is part of our Island Boost family.