Paul Jesse

After moving to California for a post-college job, Paul had gone from a lifetime of staying active through soccer to a lifestyle of office work, laziness, poor eating, and plenty of drinking. This of course led to inevitable weight gain and a general disgust with what was happening.

Enter a bike and Team in Training. Paul joined the fundraising organization to get back into shape and complete his first triathlon and was immediately hooked. After numerous triathlons and 2 Ironman distance races within a few years Paul realized he would much rather be running trails than sitting in a saddle and the bike started to disappear from the routine. He also came to the realization that sitting in an office for hours, days, weeks, and years on end would never bring him happiness!

Once he left behind the engineering world, Paul immersed himself into the running culture. Spending 5+ years managing a running specialty store fueled the fire and led him to the conclusion that he needed to pursue his own path. It was time to leave behind his job for another career change, this time with the goal of sharing his love of the trails with as many people as possible. Creating Off Road Pursuits and becoming a race director allows Paul to share his passions and help to encourage responsible growth in the trail running community. When he’s not planning an event, Paul can be found on the trails and in the mountains around Southern California training for whatever adventure comes next. While running is Paul’s primary focus, his training encompasses a great deal of variety; yoga, strength sessions, swimming, and plenty of good beer for recovery!

Athletic Achievements: 

  • 2nd Overall – 2013 Kodiak 100 Mile Ultramarathon
  • 1st AG, 10th Overall – 2012 Santa Barbara Red Rock 50
  • 2nd Overall – 2011 Pocono Xterra Hickory Run
  • 2nd AG, 7th Overall – 2009 Silverman Triathlon (Long Course)

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