There are plenty of great boxers out there. Not the brawling thugs, real pros who have finely tuned their craft and made boxing a true art. However, many fighters we see who have great potential never reach the world stage. Without an aggressive manager to ensure the fighter is training to his full potential and lining up fights to keep them not only in shape, but gaining experience, most fighters do not get the opportunity to have a career that supports themselves and their family.

What makes him a champion

Vadim is tireless in managing his stable of fighters. He has a punishing schedule that keeps him preparing his fighters and traveling all over the world  to ensure they are consistently fighting. He is relentless in supporting the talent he manages to ensure they reach not only their full potential by having the best coaches and trainers, but also the fights that will showcase their abilities and advance their careers. Vadim manages a stable of ten boxers, including Ruslan Provodnikov and Taras Shelestyuk who have made their names recognizable on the global stage of boxing.