Don’t let her 5’1” stature fool you, Sue Luck of Mckinney, Texas gets the nickname “Mini-BEAST” for a reason. After completing 53 Spartan races, and beating runners half her age, Sue Luck finds herself at the top of her game and training harder than ever as she eyes the Spartan Race World Championship in October. Spartan races haven’t always been Sue’s focus though, as she’s been a conventional runner since junior high. After completing many traditional races through her 20’s and 30’s, Sue started to look for something new and exciting to push herself.

During April of 2011, Sue and her boyfriend heard about the Warrior Dash. Thinking back to that race, Sue said she felt like “an adult on a big playground, doing things parents tell their kids not to do.” She was referring to the exciting new experience of getting completely covered in mud and water while tackling various obstacles. Once Sue completed her first obstacle race, she was hooked. She started to compete in local mud runs in the Dallas area and found that not only was she completing them, but she was consistently placing or even winning some of them. Sue’s success in some mud runs led to an entry into the Spartan Racing scene.

Spartan races consist of the Spartan Sprint, a 5K race with 15 obstacles, the Spartan Super, an eight-mile race with 20 obstacles and the Spartan Beast which can reach upwards of 15 miles and 30 obstacles. Sue decided to try out a Spartan Super and in late 2011 competed in the open heat. She continued to complete Spartan races and in January 2013 competed in heats offering prizes or money. Sue was quickly climbing the U.S Elite rankings (she’s been in the top 50 for overall female for over three years). At this point, Sue’s competitive side took over and she set her sights on the Spartan World Championship held in Vermont each year. In order to qualify for the World Championship, this year in Lake Tahoe, CA, runners must finish in the top 5 overall men and women to receive the coveted coin and earn a trip to the World Championship coming up this October. Sue earned the coin in February at the Arizona Sprint and has been preparing ever since to get ready for October.

Sue has cranked up her workouts for the past six months, training six days a week all over North Texas. She trains with the North Texas Obstacle Course Training Group, flipping 300 pound tires, carrying heavy buckets, doing lunges with sandbags and practicing the spear throw. In order to achieve her goals and become a well-rounded athlete, she also tackles long runs of over ten miles, as well as speed workouts and days at the gym. Sue, however isn’t just interested in improving herself physically and mentally, she always wants to inspire others to do the same. That’s why, in 2012, Sue and her boyfriend created a local obstacle course training group called “The Texas Tough Spartans.” Starting with only three members, Sue’s commitment to helping those lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, no matter their age or fitness level, has grown the group to over 400 athletes.

Sue believes that stepping out of her comfort zone and taking on new challenges was key in helping her succeed. She speaks of mind over matter, and her dreams of continuing to compete much later in life. Sue has proved that age makes no difference. If you’re having trouble getting off the couch and out the door, check out Spartan Racing, it may just be the answer.