Renee Ramsdell

I recently received some samples of Island Boost (Thank you, Laura!) and took them out for a test drive. So far I really like this product.

Island Boost is an energy supplement similar to the various sport gels that come in those little foil packets.  One of the things that makes this product unique is that it’s actually a liquid.  If you have trouble choking down gels during your hard workouts or races, you might want to give this a try.

Here’s a quick rundown of this product’s benefits:

  • It’s a liquid which makes it easier to eat during vigorous exercise
  • It tastes good
  • It’s made from glucose so the body can absorb it quicker
  • Unlike gels no water is needed to wash it down

I tried the first packet during the She Runs Trail Half Marathon.  It was miserably hot during this race so I was wearing a hydration pack with electrolyte drink in it.  I used the Island Boost as a pick-me-up after the first hour of the race.

I had no issues here although it was hard to say how much it helped.  I can say that it didn’t upset my stomach, it was easy to open and drink, and I finished the rest of the race feeling good enough considering the conditions.

In order to really test it further I took my remaining 3 packets with me on my Sunday training day.  I had 5:45 worth of training to do so I figured this would be the ultimate test.

I swam for 1 hour.  When I was done I took an Island Boost.  Then I got on the bike and rode for an hour.  I took another one.  I was still feeling really good.  I had 2.5 hours left on the bike and only 1 packet remaining so I had to supplement with some other products to finish the ride.

Right before heading out on the run I took the remaining packet of Island Boost.  By this time I was getting really tired of sweet stuff, but that was my biggest complaint. I still didn’t have any trouble getting it down and completed my run with good energy.

I was very happy to get through my entire day without any G.I. issues and feeling really good.

This product seems to stack up nicely against its gel competitors in terms of performance, but without all the chemicals.  That works for me.

I will be adding this product to my nutritional arsenal.  Give it a try!