Rachel is the Undercover Diva who uncovers Island Boost.

I mentioned my experimenting with fuel during my run over Fourth of July weekend and I promised a review of Island Boost, the fuel I have been using lately. Well, this review is long over due, but it’s here!

I signed up to receive Island Boost when a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador put out a call for reviewers. I’m not good about fueling on runs because I don’t really like gels, so when I saw that Island Boost was liquid, I figured I would give it a shot.

From the website: 

The fuel is designed to be less disruptive to digestive processes and is delivered through coconut water. I absolutely LOVE anything coconut related and so I was curious to try this. Since the fuel is liquid, it is delivered faster to the bloodstream than regular gels. I received 3 flavors to try: Renegade (Blueberry-Pomegranate flavor), Passion (Passion fruit flavor), and Aspire (Strawberry orange flavor). The little packets look like this:

Excuse my “veggie dog” in the top left corner
I used my first fuel during a 6-mile run. I took it at about 30 minutes into the run when I was beginning to feel sluggish and after about 5ish minutes, I could feel renewed energy and felt like I could have gone for miles. At the end of my 6-miles, I felt like I could have easily gone 2+ miles more, but I decided to stop because I didn’t have enough water and didn’t bring another fuel packet with me.
The next time I used the fuel was during a 4-mile hill session. Again, Island Boost saved me and helped my little legs keep moving up and down those hills. The third fuel packet I used at the end of a run to aid in recovery. I definitely had energy after I took it and it helped my muscles to not be so sore. It was a way to refresh and reboot my electrolytes after a hot run.
As for flavors, I think that Blueberry-Pomegranate was my favorite. It’s not too sweet, as both blueberries and pomegranates are slightly tart, and I thought that it tasted the best. The passion fruit flavor was not my favorite, which I was disappointed in because I love passion fruit, but it was not bad at all. Definitely more palatable than a lot of the gels I have tested. The strawberry-orange was interesting; the orange was a little pulpy, so that took me by surprise and I’m glad I used that fuel as a recovery and not during a run because I think I would have been taken aback if I was running and was tasting pulp. Overall, though, the flavors are easy to get down and I didn’t find myself choking on the fuel like other fuels I have tried. I am definitely interested in buying more Island Boost to use as fuel for my 10-mile race in October and possibly for the Princess Half in February!